Clap. Clap. Clap.

14 Mar

I shall take the slow clap that I am so deserving of this evening. 

Despite having a rather important meeting tomorrow afternoon, I have been an absolute muppet and dropped my phone directly onto my face, giving the impression of being socked in the mouth somewhat.

Good one, kiddo.

It’s been a mixed day. I mean, I’d gone into work at 6:30 and gotten back home again by 7am thanks to an early morning store alarm call out, and a very lovely taxi driver who was just as chipper as I was at that time of the day, which definitely helped set me up. I neglected to tell him that despite being business on the bottom (jeans and boots), I was all leisure under my coat as I was still wearing my pyjama top because I didn’t think he needed to know. I’m fine telling the actual internet though, because that’s the kind of thing I do.

I was then back at work to start my actual day by 8am, so at least I was wide awake and not at all crabby, which really is the least you can expect on a Monday morning.


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