Mind Blowing.

8 Mar

As days off go, this one hasn’t been bad at all.

Most of my morning was spent realising that I had pretty much finished YouTube, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me at all. 

This afternoon I popped into work for about 45 minutes, because apparently I have nothing better to do, and I’m glad to report that nothing was on fire, which really is the least I can ask for when I’m not in. 

Then it was a little bit of pharmacy revision over coffee, which was incredibly helpful, as I have to do my exam this week, and I’m not particularly looking forward to it. 

Tonight was spent doing a little bit of Machfest admin (my favourite kind), watching Mad Max: Fury Road (still wonderful despite very little plot) and discussing whether kidnapping someone and smuggling them onto a train in a double bass case is the best option (possibly, depending on the size of the person you’re kidnapping). I also learnt that a cello’s full name is a violoncello, which not only sounds like bollocks, it’s spelt in the most bollocks way too. ALSO. When taking medication that you have to swallow with water, if it’s a tablet tip your head back but if it’s a capsule, tip your head forward so they can’t float. It’s so bloody obvious when you think about it, and my mind was blown when I tried it with my cold and flu capsules this evening. 

It doesn’t take much to blow the science bit of my brain though. 


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