An Excellent Case of the Mondays.

7 Mar

Usually I am part of the slew of people who absolutely detest Mondays. 

But today? Today I had a bloody lovely time at work, and it’s set this week up so nicely. 

I think it’s because I’ve properly come to terms with the upcoming changes that are going to be happening (no, I don’t have anything set in stone, or even jam yet, but that’s…exciting, right‽ 😳) and am just making the most of my time left at my little store down at the bottom end of town. What I’ve realised is that we can all actually have a lot of fun whilst getting paid for it at work. I’m aware that “fun” and “work” might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but it really is possible. It’s just a case of making the remainder of the week brilliant now.

Oh God, I’ve made it sound like I’m dying and am working through my bucket list. I’m not dying. Well. I mean, I am. We all are. That’s how mortality works. But it’s just potential redundancy, nothing worse. I don’t even have a bucket list. Now I’m thinking I should have a bucket list. Damn.


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