Shat Nav.

4 Mar

Despite Exeter being on pretty much a basic grid system, I still somehow managed to get myself lost walking back to the train station this afternoon. 

How did I eventually know I was going the wrong way? 

Because of Lush. I smelt the shop before I saw it, and quickly realised that I’d not passed by it on my way into the city centre, ergo the twigging of the wrong direction. 

Thankfully, Exeter is a bit like London, in that if you walk for long enough in any direction you’ll eventually get to a station and never be so happy to see a Pumpkin Café sign. 

Also, I learnt that off peak tickets are valid right up until 7pm, which was a very pleasant surprise considering my day trip went on a little longer than expected and I really didn’t want to have to buy another ticket/risk playing the system, given my previous chequered (now there is a word that looks just plain wrong) history with such things. Ahem. As it was, it all went swimmingly and I even got a seat without a reservation. A definite success story.


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