An Open Letter To Ken Hom.

2 Mar

Ken Hom.

You are an excellent chef, this is a fact that would be extremely difficult to disprove. 

What you are terrible at, however, are ready meals.

It’s not the food itself. I cannot fault how good it tasted. 

What I do take umbrage with is the term “ready meal” and the fact it took half an hour to cook.

When I’ve had an extremely long and busy day that ended with me shouting at a broom and some bin bags, the very last thing I want to be doing is cooking. Hence a last minute decision to buy one of your Chinese meal boxes (not just for myself, I hasten to add), sling it in the oven and not have to engage my brain much. BUT ALAS. The instructions took me two goes to read through and understand, and there were several phone alarms set as everything had to go in to cook at various different times, decanted into individual heat proof dishes or on baking sheets or in the plastic trays they came in. I do not have the capacity to deal successfully with thought processes that complicated.

So maybe drop the “ready meal” bit, or at least add “(in a longer time than you’re hoping for, you should have just called Lucky Star half an hour ago if you’d not wanted to bother cooking yourself)” in the middle. 

Or just pop round and make dinner for us instead. I’d settle for that.


Zoe Fell.


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