Life Imitates Art.

24 Feb

I forgot how fun live-tweeting things was. I’ve not done it since, ooh – the Eurovision Song Contest? But tonight was the Brits and as I didn’t really have anything else on, I thought that I may as well join in with a lot of other people on my timeline.

Admittedly, there was no “Madonna vs. Velco” moment this year, but we did have the world’s most incompetent censor operator working at the event, which may genuinely be my television highlight of the year so far. (It also meant that one of my favourite short Pappy’s sketches came true, and that was a truly glorious moment.)

Another ace thing that happened tonight was that my brain finally clicked into place and filled in the blank from the “Oh no my _____” quote that had been bugging me for weeks. The blank is “beef jerky”, the quote is from an episode of The Peacock and Gamble Podcast (naturally) and I only remembered when I went foraging for food during Rihanna’s really dire performance and found, you guessed it, beef jerky. It took all my strength to not cry “OH NO MY BEEF JERKY” out loud, because that is when people start to worry about you.

At least the “excitement” of the evening won’t keep me awake all night.



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