23 Feb

Now I’m a grown up (proved only by age, and not necessarily by demeanour) any day off starts early. Believe me when I say that I’ve been trying hard to stay asleep on these rare free days, but it’s just not happening any more.

This morning it was a 7:30am natural wake up, and I couldn’t complain too much as the weather was lovely. Ergo, I took the opportunity to head out for a run before the weather turned either too warm or too cold. It was surprisingly enjoyable doing my 5k training outside as opposed to chained to a treadmill, and it turns out I’m actually faster running on pavements than I am in the gym, which is really good to know, and actually has spurred me on more than I expected.

Also, I didn’t get run over. A definite bonus.

Once I got back home (in record time, thank you very much), it was a case of tidying my room a bit, and then applying for a few more jobs ahead of the upcoming changes at work. I certainly feel in a better position than I did this time 24 hours ago, so it’s definitely been a worthwhile day.


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