Back On Form.

14 Feb

Another day, another evening spent trying not to fall into a deep sleep no matter how much you might like to. 

After all my griping about how terrible the gym is when it’s busy, I spent a good two hours in there after work today because the novelty of it being nearly empty hasn’t worn off yet and I wanted to make the most of the machines being free. 

I didn’t shy away from the work that I need to do in order to run a 5k and not keel over, finally getting round to downloading the Zombies, Run companion app which aims to get you running that 5k in 8 weeks, training 3 times a week. That’s a level of commitment that I can get behind. Also, the app constantly tells me I’m doing a great job, and because I like praise, that is excellent. 

I don’t regret that decision (yet, ask me tomorrow) but I know I’m not going to enjoy getting out of bed tomorrow morning. 


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