10 Feb

As expected, Deadpool was amazing, and I came out with slightly painful ribs from all the laughing I did. 

It’s been a mixed day, where I was fairly busy in the morning, got some bits and bobs done in town in the afternoon and had a fairly relaxed evening on what’s been the last day of my holiday. I’ve definitely made the most of these few days off and have been incredibly glad to have had some time away from work, ahead of what’s going to be an incredibly busy and stressful five weeks. 

When I was in town this afternoon, I actually ticked something off my “yeah, I should get round to doing that” list – getting my ears re-pierced. A gift of some earrings *may* have been a catalyst for it, but the point still stands that it is something crossed off. SUCCESS. I now need to get used to having pierced ears again, which is fun as I’ve not worn earrings for about 6 or so years, because I was lazy. But now I am a grown up adult who is well put together or at least trying to give that impression. It didn’t hurt half as much as it did the first time around though, and I didn’t even freak out when the dot pen was taken out – progress can be made in 12 years guys. Don’t you worry. 


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