6 Feb

I hate being a bit psychic. 

Not only was I spot on about waking up before my alarm and a lie-in being impossible, I also got rudely awoken at 3:15 by what sounded like the earth’s alarm clock. It was probably a car alarm or a house alarm but the pitch and speed of the beep was so similar to that of a classic alarm clock that I can’t be sure that I’ve not accidentally tuned into the world’s doomsday clock and we’re in real trouble. 

Once I was up this morning, it didn’t take long for me to get a bit stir crazy. Bodes well for the next few days, hey? Despite it absolutely chucking it down, I had to just get out of the house for a little bit, because nothing clears the mind more than stomping through puddles and spending twenty minutes wrestling with a raincoat until it fits better now that I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes. I now look a lot less like Grimace when I’m out in the rain and more like, er…Grimace wearing a belt. That kind of sounds like progress. 


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