30 Jan

This should have been a blog post all about how I’m back in Cheltenham, catching up with my friends from University. Due to work stuff, that never got to happen, so it’s just another post from under my duvet, where I’m having to wear socks and a dressing gown over my pyjamas to stay warm.

I’ve also had the most annoying of worms stuck in my head for the past three hours. It’s annoying because not only can I not place where the line comes from (be it a film, song or stand-up routine), I also cannot finish the line. So all I’ve had rattling around my brain for 180 solid minutes is “oh no, my [BLANK]”. I think the missing word has two syllables, something like “marbles”, but not marbles.

I’ve not worked out yet if I’m going to be annoyed when I wake up at 3am with the answer suddenly pinging into my head.


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