People Like Me.

29 Jan

Today was a good day off from work. 

I got started on my new wardrobe, (thank you, pay day) where everything I picked up was a size 14 and actually fit, occasionally with a little wiggle room. You have no idea how less frustrating buying clothes is now I’ve lost some weight. It does mean that very nearly everything in my drawers and actual wardrobe is about three sizes too big now and needs to be taken to the charity shop. That’s a mission for my holiday at the end of next week though. 

The rest of my afternoon was spent reading in a coffee shop, because there is honestly nothing else to do when you’re killing three hours in town on your own and the weather is miserable. 

That time needed to be killed as I didn’t really want to come home before going back out to watch Lazer Team. On my own. In a cinema full of Rooster Teeth nerds, which I mean only as a term of endearment, as I am one too. It was incredibly easy to spot people waiting in the foyer, thanks to the slew of RT shirts that were being worn by people. I also found a new hero this evening – just as the BBFC rating went off the screen, one lone voice from the back called out “Let’s Watch”. Normally, I’m not a fan of shouting out in film screenings, but it was so perfectly pitched and timed that he definitely deserved the round of applause it garnered. 

Good day. Good film. Good fun. Good night. 


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