Technical Support.

25 Jan

Well, it seems that my plans were somewhat scuppered today through no fault of my own. 

I’d psyched myself up all day in order to sit my healthcare exam, then when the time came to actually take it, the computer decided to throw two pop-ups onto the screen during the registration at the beginning about slow running scripts. Both times we clicked off them and that closed the page, leading to an automatic fail both times without me answering a single question. It’s almost impressive. So now I’m locked out of the test until tomorrow when we can call IT and get the exam unlocked and I can actually try and sit it properly. You can probably guess just how frustrated and upset I got at the situation. The plan now is to head in after I get my hair done tomorrow morning (yep, more working on my days off – it’s like I can’t get enough of the place) and get the test done when I can’t get disturbed.

Luckily, I know what the first question is now, so I can definitely get at least one right.


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