Top Drawer.

22 Jan

And just like that, my five day course of Amoxycillin is finished and I get to go back to my usual non-nauseous state. 

It’s been a good, albeit quiet day at work, which meant that we were able to get a lot of bits and pieces done, including starting to tidy up the drawers in the dispensary, because for a very untidy person (the less said about the state of my bedroom at the moment, the better) I am exceptionally anal about organisation at work. I’ve only got another hundred or so drawers and nooks and crannies across the store to go until I can start over from the beginning again. I’ve yet to brave the office this fortnight because I know how much paperwork we’ve got to organise up there. Also, I still get a bit out of breath climbing more than 13 stairs, so I’m pacing myself and my lungs.


So...what do you think?

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