Warm Hearted, Cold Bodied.

20 Jan

I just about survived a whole day back at work (there was only about 45 minutes out of it that I spent crying, and that was on my own time) and then all my recovery was undone a bit when myself and two other strangers did some Good Samaritan-ing after an elderly lady took a fall in town and we waited with her until the ambulance arrived. 

Turns out that spending about an hour sat on a pavement in freezing weather whilst your coat, scarf, hat and gloves are used to keep someone warm and conscious is enough to chill you right to the core.

Thankfully, the ambulance arrived after about 90 minutes, and we were able to go safe in the knowledge that she was in the best hands, and her family had arrived to check on her too. Dad was kind enough to drop the other two people (Kerrie and Dale) who stayed to help home, because it felt a bit mean to leave them waiting for a bus when they were just as cold as I was, also donating their coats to the cause. They were also absolutely lovely, as we kind of bonded over the situation we were kind of thrown into thanks to circumstance.

I’ve still yet to get warm, and that is despite using a hairdryer to heat up every item of clothing I’m wearing to bed, as well as my duvet and blanket. Hopefully my internal thermostat will return to normal relatively quickly…


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