Solitary Confinement. 

18 Jan

Today I did something that I’ve only done maybe once or twice in my entire working life. 

I took a sick day.

Believe me, I’m as surprised as you. 

Because it turns out that I wasn’t manking and moaning over the weekend for nothing. I’ve got a chest infection, and have been given some lovely penicillin in order to clear it. If you shake me at the moment, I’d probably rattle and it won’t be my lung making that sound.

It’s gotten to a point where I have absolutely no energy, and had to psyche myself up for 45 minutes before I could lift my arm to be able to take my inhaler. Then consider that my job is not behind a desk, but instead involves quite a lot of stairs and you’ll quickly see why I had to go home after my emergency doctor’s appointment this morning. 

Thankfully I’m scheduled to have tomorrow off as my actual day off, but it’s really touch and go for the rest of the week at this point. I’m not sure any customers want me sweating and coughing over them anyway…


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