The Drugs Don’t Work.

17 Jan

I can safely say that I have really enjoyed my day off feeling like I’m dying. At least yesterday I got paid to feel terrible.

(Bear with me. I don’t really do much with my life at the moment other than work and go to the gym, so you’ll have to allow this slight detour from normal proceedings because it’s all I’ve got going on.)

Today has been nothing but hours upon hours of weepy eyes, sneezing, coughing, feeling too hot and then too cold, sounding like a dude,  and a throat so sore that every swallow makes everything else hurt, so this really bodes for me being “better”. I completely jinxed myself by telling someone that I was “probably over the worst of whatever I’ve got”, as I could not be more wrong.

I’m probably at the point where I’m going to have to call my Doctor first thing tomorrow morning, because I really can’t afford to have strep throat or tonsillitis at the moment, and obviously my mind automatically flicks to the worst case scenario. Thanks hypochondria and working in a pharmacy…



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