I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better.

16 Jan

Rearranging the majority of our healthcare counter shelf by shelf whilst feeling like a wild animal (I’m thinking badger) crapped in my head has made for an absolutely delightful 16th of January. 🙄

Knowing that you’re getting rapidly more unwell as the hours tick by is pretty awful, especially when you end up just feeling a bit sorry for yourself. 

I am hoping that with the way I seem to be escalating through various symptoms, I’ll be on my way to feeling better come Monday, and that my day off tomorrow can be spent taking it relatively easy (revision for my upcoming healthcare test aside) so my immune system has a bit of time to actually do what it’s supposed to. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to have a voice at all when I wake up tomorrow. 

Funnily enough, my parents don’t seem particularly concerned about that particular issue…


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