The Yawning Woman. 

14 Jan

I think I was a bit of a tired bunny tonight.

In fact, I know I was, because I was very tempted to throw the towel in 3k into the 5k I had expressly gone to the gym after work to do. That temptation built and built until I had a stern word with myself (in my head, because goodness knows I hate drawing attention to myself in the gym) and realised that I’d just be a bit disappointed if I gave up over halfway, and that even speed walking those last 2 kilometres would be better than not doing them at all. So that’s exactly what I did. 

And then I shaved a couple of minutes off Tuesday’s time. 


Just goes to show that if you just believe it, you can achieve it. (I think I stole that from R Kelly. Awkward.)

As soon as I got home, I had a quick dinner of chicken and scrambled eggs because I had no imagination, was good for nothing except poking some things round a pan, and also like to answer life’s biggest questions.

It was the egg. 


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