Flash (Aaah).

9 Jan

It’s very confusing being woken up simultaneously by your actual alarm and lightning flashing outside your window. 

Because I am still not a proper adult, I have a few alarms set 10 minutes apart in order to ease myself into having to wake up and actually face the day. This morning that “easing” didn’t happen as I kept panicking about the bright flashing that was going on seemingly at random. I mean, at one point I thought I might be going blind but then I heard the faintest rumble of thunder in the distance, followed by torrential rain and then my completely irrational fears were allayed and I still had my admittedly poor eyesight. 

After a very long seeming day at work (that tends to happen when your whole shift is punctuated by rain and hail every half hour or so, which sends a chill through the entire store), I decided to brave the gym because I just felt a bit bleugh and realised that the only way that issue would be solved was by sharing a room with some very sweaty and miserable people on a Saturday evening. Turns out that the January gym goers don’t really bother this far into the month, so I didn’t have to fight a single person to get on some equipment, and managed to find a quiet corner in order to do my sit ups and not have anyone judge my inevitably poor form. 

I did feel much better after I was done though, so sometimes I do have good ideas.


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