Cake Expectations.

7 Jan

So it turns out that if you buy your staff members cakes, it raises morale by at least 47%.

I did make the day of the ladies in Warrens when I walked in and said “I would like to buy all of your muffins, thank you” like some Dickensian character – all I was missing was a top hat and a cane to swing about willy nilly.

Usually, I wouldn’t need a reason to buy some sweet treats, and I won’t accept anyone telling me that I’m resorting to bribery to get them to really like me whilst my Manager is away, but…that would be a henious lie, because we were celebrating a fantastic day in the pharmacy, where people have been working incredibly hard, and hitting some really impressive milestones.

Plus, it’s nice to be nice and be thanked when you’ve done a really good job.


So...what do you think?

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