Cosy On Up.

29 Dec

Goodness. It is blowing an absolute hoolie outside, and I couldn’t be happier to be lying in bed, cosy in my dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers, half awake after a very satisfying nap. 

Considering my day started just after 4am, I’d done particularly well to make it to 8:30pm without falling asleep, though I can’t say for certain that I didn’t have a quick 30 second snooze on the bus on the way home, as I was wrapped up in various Winter accoutrements and was very snug indeed. 

For all the grumbling I do about early shifts, which I do rarely (that shift, not the grumbling), it’s actually not bad, because heading home whilst it’s still slightly light outside is really nice, and you have a small portion of the afternoon left to do with as you please. I spent mine choosing to avoid all the post Christmas sales, as I still can’t quite face how busy it is and would much rather do all my browsing online, put a loaf of things into my basket and then change my mind because I “don’t really need them” – the perfect shopping trip, according to my bank.


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