Christmas Chit-Chat.

25 Dec

Here’s the thing when your family is as small as mine – Christmas ends up being a pretty subdued affair. With no relatives coming from across the country to celebrate with us, we’d ended up doing two loads of washing up before a single present had been touched this morning. Then there’s the complaint that too much money has been spent on gifts, but a nagging feeling that any less care or thought put into said presents would make for an incredibly ordinary day. At least I got my trifle though, even if I had to have two goes at finishing my portion, because nowadays I’m not able to stuff my face like I did several months ago, which is probably for the best.

The biggest tragedy of all today was that we had no pigs in blankets. To say I was upset is a bit of an understatement. It’s the best trimming of all and we were sans them. I’ve half a mind to buy some tomorrow (or just a packet of sausages and a packet of bacon) to to satisfy my once a year opportunity to eat meat wrapped in meat alongside more meat.

Setting an alarm for 6am tomorrow was also pretty unpleasant, it has to be said. Hopefully our Boxing Day shift is going to go by fairly speedily, though I fear it’ll be a busy morning and then an afternoon of tidying that’ll seem like it’ll never end. We’ll see though.


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