That Festive Feeling.

24 Dec

Just in case you were curious, going to the gym on Christmas Eve is…totally fine. It’s fairly quiet, there’s no waiting to get on any of the equipment, and unseasonably warm weather meant that walking back through town in leggings, a hoodie and a scarf meant I didn’t freeze a single extremity off. 

It wasn’t even that busy in town today, which will continue to surprise me as somebody that works in retail. I didn’t see a single person crying in a queue, I didn’t see a child getting threatened with a last minute spot on the naughty list for bad behaviour, but I did see various discarded purchases whilst I was queuing up in Tesco earlier. There was a joint of beef placed gently next to some highlighters and a chap gave up queuing entirely, putting a bottle of advocaat and two boxes of cheese straws on top of some Pampers nappies. Nothing makes you feel more festive, does it? 

But that festive spirit dissipated fairly quickly when I got a paper cut whilst wrapping presents when I got home. I was a grown up girl and didn’t cry at all, but as a friend said, I’ll get the last laugh when I see said paper getting ripped to shreds tomorrow. You will not win, paper. YOU WILL NOT WIN.


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