What’s In A Name?

21 Dec

Oh, guys. I did a Zoe Fell classic this morning. 

I was rushing round the mall first thing in order to find myself a new Christmas jumper for work this week, when I spectacularly and inexplicably slipped over in Marks and Spencer and smashed my knee on the floor. 

Rather than making myself cover as large a surface area as possible to maximise the impact radius, or fall backwards onto my generous arse, I apparently thought it best to do a little jump as I fell, meaning that all the pressure was aimed directly onto my left kneecap.

I’d have been completely fine if a really lovely lady hadn’t asked if I was alright, because up until then it was naught but wounded pride, but as soon as it was suggested that I might not be okay, that’s when all the feeling in my body rushed to my knee and the nerve endings cried out “YOU ARE NOT FINE.” But I did as everyone does, politely thanked the lady for her concern, assured her I was only a little embarrassed, dusted myself down and winced my way up to the first floor. 

On the plus side, I did get two new festive knits in a medium size, which surprised nobody more than myself.


One Response to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. jonkable December 22, 2015 at 3:35 pm #

    Hope your knee cap is alright. At least you have them. Unlike babies. 🙂

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