Silent Night.

19 Dec

I can safely say that I’ve made up for the sleep I missed out on this morning, considering my first alarm went off at about 4:30am. 

I got home at about 5pm, after a fairly trauma free day at work (my favourite kind of day) and got straight into my onesie, which was my downfall/genius idea. 

I fell asleep whilst getting changed, which is actually quite impressive when you consider I woke up with the strings on my hood pulled tight and tied under my chin, but the zip no higher than my waist. It won’t be the new 2015/16 Spring/Summer trend, trust me.

Then once I’d had dinner, I came back upstairs and have spent the last four hours sleeping, on and off – waking up only to put a new podcast on, listen to about thirty seconds of them and then drop back off.

Tomorrow I have the luxury of getting up at 8, before popping into work for a few hours because it’s the last Sunday before Christmas and I am a nice (modest) human being. 

Now though, it’s back to curling up in my onesie and having some bizarre dreams inspired by podcasts, as well as the wind buffeting against my window.


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