Christmas Wrapping.

18 Dec

I’m on the 7-4 shift tomorrow, so naturally, I’m lying in bed wide awake, just willing myself to drop off, so I’m not more of a cranky bitch than I’ve already warned people that I’ll be.

I’ve had a fairly productive evening, wrapping a stack of presents and doing what may be the best decorating and beautifying job I’ve ever done on a set of gifts. It’s quite sad to be chuffed to bits with your own ribbon curling work, but when you are me, you really do have to find the positive in every situation.

It probably helped that I had Christmas songs blaring and was still dressed like an elf because I was too lazy to change after work. Santa’s Little Helpers literally cannot do a shit job of wrapping presents, so I think I was channelling them very successfully.   

Now I’m going to attempt to get some kip, but I fully expect to wake up suddenly because I’ve inhaled a sliver of wrapping paper.


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