Back Of The Line.

17 Dec

Against my better judgement, I went and braved town after work for a spot of late night shopping. And you know? It wasn’t actually that horrendous. I seem to be very fortunate at joining a queue just at the right time, because I’ll turn around 10 seconds later to see about 13 people standing behind me, looking incredibly glum about the state of affairs. That might just be basic psychology playing tricks on me, and everyone thinks they joined at a good time, mentally flipping the bird towards those further back in the queue.

This is why I like to do all my shopping from the comfort of my own house, where I don’t spend time stood under an air conditioning unit that’s blowing warm cold and flu bug ridden air directly into my face and making the back of my neck clammy thanks to my scarf. I much prefer the option of sitting in my pyjamas having a browse, and then settling on the obvious presents I thought of months ago.

I did a classic Zoe though, setting out a plan to be organised and wrap some presents before they get handed over, and then forgetting to actually get any sellotape to stick the damned paper on with. I mean REALLY. What kind of household doesn’t have tape at Christmas‽ Apparently it’s ours.


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