One’s Onesie.

15 Dec

If any day has been more perfect for sitting around watching films in a onesie, I missed it entirely. 

Here’s a thing people never tell you about onesies though – they’re designed to be comfortable, and fairly roomy, but when you lose a fair bit of weight, you basically end up drowning in fabric, with the zip hanging somewhere near your knees. It’s also not helped by being petite, and the legs being all baggy around your ankles. I am not complaining about lazing on a sofa all day, mind.

I’m back on it tomorrow though, with a solid plan in place to go to the gym after work (that’s right, a week before Christmas) as I’ve not been for a couple of weeks due to various health grumbles and I’ve kind of been missing it. I’ll be wincing the second I step onto the scales, but nothing motivates me more than getting a new onesie. And this one is going to be fox themed. Obviously. If that doesn’t spur me on, nothing will. 


So...what do you think?

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