Ill Fated.

13 Dec

I did it. I went and tempted fate too much yesterday evening, and as sure as eggs is eggs (terrible English, but the saying still stands), at 5:17am I was wide awake thanks to an horrendously gory nightmare that I couldn’t shake for a good few hours. I kept drifting off every now and then, but couldn’t settle, and had to watch some Let’s Plays to keep my mind occupied enough to that I wasn’t going to think about metal spikes through peoples’ faces but not overstimulated enough that I couldn’t fall back to sleep if I was able to.

So thanks brain. Thank you VERY much.

Other than that mild mental trauma this morning, it’s been a day that’s been spent mostly in my room. The first bit horrified, the next bit napping fairly successfully, and the most part tidying and getting rid of a heck of a lot of stuff that has just been cluttering the place up for the last few months. Because my room is fairly small, it’s a concentrated tip, but past Zoe was an absolute dick, who equated tidying with “put various things in all the nooks and crannies you can find until you can fit nothing more inside”. That works for a few days, then the mess just starts piling up again.

Three full black binbags later and I’m much closer to the kind of tidy “got her shit together” room a 24 year old should have. It’s still not perfect – the majority of my drawers and my wardrobe are packed with clothes that don’t fit any more, which whilst a nice way to realise I’ve achieved some weight loss, is an absolute ball ache when I realise I have to work out what’s getting sold or donated or scrapped for rags at some point. 

I would love to get it sorted sooner rather than later, but I’m a very busy young lady whose free time is firmly booked up at the moment. I will get round to it in the new year though. Honest. 


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