Total Cramp.

11 Dec

I may have survived today at work (an excellent shift by all accounts), despite all of my protestations yesterday, but I very nearly didn’t survive the last few hours. 

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the kind of cramp in your feet and legs that makes the tiniest movement feel like you’re being tasered, but it really bloody hurts. You end up stroking your legs whilst wailing like a cow giving birth. It’s also sneaky, because you think it’s gone and then it returns with a vengeance four minutes later to remind you that you have absolutely no control and the human body is a total bitch.

It’ll be nothing but bananas and tonic water for the foreseeable future. 

Also, the new series of Serial – can we talk about it please? I’m not as gripped with this story as I was with the first series, but I was pretty late to that party and had about five episodes to catch up with when I eventually started listening. My brain hurts already, and I feel like I need to set up a police style board with photos and marker pens and lots of lines that link everyone in order to keep up, and we’re only 44 minutes into the story.


So...what do you think?

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