Your Promised Catch Up.

4 Dec

So yesterday was a bit of a weird one. 

This weekend, we’d planned to go to Cambridge to visit Aislinn and the Christmas market, just because I had the weekend off and wanted to really make the most of that rarity. 

The trip was subsequently put into jeopardy because I got that mystery illness midweek, and we were trying to decide whether a 5 hour Megabus trip was the best thing for me, but wanted to wait until today to know for certain. 

The decision was taken out of our hands, however, with a phone call from the hotel yesterday during my lunch hour. What transpired was that their new booking system had glitched, releasing all their pre-booked rooms not once, but twice, leading to some triple bookings. Obviously as we were one of the later bookings, they had to cancel our stay, leaving us sans accommodation just two days before we were supposed to go. 

We’re both gutted, but have taken it as a bit of a silver lining, because I’m still not 100% and if I had gone downhill, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy our time away. Instead, we’re having a chilled few days at home and are planning to go away early in the new year together instead.

(Let’s not even mention the fact I went to Dorothy Perkins to collect a parcel and left with one that wasn’t mine, which essentially boiled down to theft. The shop assistant had to call me to say he had my parcel still, when it quickly dawned on me what I’d done and I got very, very embarrassed about the situation.)

So that is you all caught up. Today was incredibly busy at work, but now I’m on that glorious three day break which I’ve been looking forward to for about a month. I might have to be dragged back into store kicking and screaming on Tuesday morning however. 


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