So Much Gall.

2 Dec

I have to say a massive thank you to my Doctor’s surgery for today.

It all got a little dramatic when I woke up this morning with stabbing pains just above my right hip, to the point where I was on the phone to the doctor at 8am just on the off chance that I could at least get a telephone consultation today.

They went about 100 better. 

At 9am, I was called back by the surgery, questioned a little bit and asked if I could get there within the next 15 minutes. Cue a mad dash out of work and into a taxi, straight through the door and the little bing bong was calling me through. 

Then there was a 15 minute appointment with a really lovely Doctor who informed me that my pain may be being caused by appendicitis or gall stones, or rather my appendix and gall bladder playing up, but he couldn’t quite be sure unless I had some blood taken that day. Luckily, humans can live without their gall bladders and their appendixes, so I’ve done well there.

So back out of the room I go, and let the receptionist know that I needed an urgent blood test, when she informed me that I needed to provide a urine sample. She handed me a literal pot to piss in. 

Men do not know how easy they have it. Weeing into a small pot is exceptionally tricky, even when you don’t get pee shy.

Once that debacle was over, it was back to reception, where I was told to go straight up to the practice nurse’s room. 

I did inform the nurse that any time I had previously attempted to give blood, or have my blood taken it had gone badly, with my poor, reluctant veins, but amazingly, it all went off without a hitch. It didn’t hurt too much, it didn’t take 20 minutes to find a vein and the vials all stayed in tact, which made for a relatively pleasant experience. 

I was back at work by 10:05, which was incredibly impressive by surgery standards, but I did have almost 8 hours of panicking and waiting for my test results to come back. And they did. And they were fairly inconclusive, barring a slightly raised white blood cell count which is only a minor cause for concern. So now I have to wait for the more complicated results to come back, and let them know in the next couple of days if anything changes. 

Thing is…I have a nice long weekend away planned and this is kind of putting a massive spanner in the works. Come on white blood cells, I have faith in you. Fight the power.


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