Sales and Subtitles.

1 Dec

Because I am in no way influenced by marketing campaigns and special offers, I waited until today to do some online clothes shopping, meaning that I missed out on a fair few Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. But nevertheless, I have filled my boots with some absolutely smashing new pieces for the coming season, including a plum velvet knee length skirt that is both gorgeous and ludicrous. I am trying not to think about how much of the stuff I’m going to have to send back because it doesn’t look right on.

Also, pewter coloured brogues. Because PEWTER COLOURED BROGUES. I shouldn’t need to buy new shoes for at least a year now.

The time I didn’t spend scrolling endlessly through potential new threads was spent catching up with The Bridge on the iPlayer. I really love the show, but I do find it tricky to give something my undivided attention for so long, which is the real issue with watching anything with subtitles. You look at your phone for 10 seconds, and somebody else has died without you realising until 40 minutes later when they find the body, or a key reveal is…revealed and you’ve got no idea who they’re talking about. Foreign fun.


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