A C-Word Party.

28 Nov

Because it isn’t yet December the first, I can’t tell you what kind of celebration I went to this evening with some of my work colleagues. 

Just know that there were paper hats and songs played that I refused to sing along to as it’s just too early. 

Today was a really good day at work, where I felt like I had really made some actual progress within the pharmacy as I was doing things without needing to ask for help or assurance that I was doing it right. I like those kinds of days because they make me realise that I can do this job, and I won’t leave the store every day feeling like I’m drowning or incapable of doing what is expected of me. Some days, sure. But not all the time. 

I also think I’ve finally developed a tolerance and taste for white wine, but I might revise that thought when I have to get up early tomorrow morning. 


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