Strolling On A Sunny Morning.

23 Nov

As starts to a week go, today was pretty good, to be honest.

I got to spend a couple of hours with my chap before having to go to walk, which is always nice, particularly the bit where he told me he was going to punch a seagull that would not shut up. I really appreciated the sentiment, particularly as I woke up at 4am thanks to the squawking going on outside his window.

I didn’t even have a whinge when I had to pop up to the big Boots to get a misdelivered parcel of ours because even though it was cold, it was sunny and dry, which is the second best type of weather at this time of year (only snow that settles beats it) so getting wrapped up in my gloves, scarf and hat with a ludicrous bobble wasn’t bad at all.

Because we had quite a lot of staff in today, I spent most of my afternoon sat in the dispensary reading through and signing off my SOPs, and sharing some incredibly filthy jokes and probably laughing the most I have since taking the job.

Lovely stuff indeed.


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