We’re Expecting!

22 Nov

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Andy and I are expecting. 

Food babies. 

Food babies and nothing more, my God, what were you thinking I meant?

Since coming over to his this morning, we’ve pretty much done nothing but eat and watch Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Lunch was at HubBox, the new burger place in town, and the food was honestly some of the best I’ve had in recent years. And that is coming from me, somebody that likes to eat.  

I couldn’t even finish all the fries, it was that big a portion. Plus the Coke came in glass bottles, which is the only way it should be served.

Then it was back to the flat to let that all digest until we decided it was time for a twenty minute break from Netflix to go and pick up some food from the Chinese up the road.

If I can get into my uniform tomorrow, it’s going to be an absolute miracle. 


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