Non Spon.

19 Nov

It’s been a long old day, but I only cried three times, and that was mostly down to stress and exhaustion (two of those times were whilst I was in the pub, and I wasn’t even drinking alcohol).

We were stupidly busy in work today, and I only took a short break because the rest of my team basically forced me to go and sit upstairs and eat something as I deemed there to be too much going on for me to have a proper lunch break. I think it worked out for today, but I know breaks are important to stop my head from imploding, so I should probably actually take them. I just don’t like leaving everyone when there are queues and you can see the whites of peoples’ eyes.

Because I am a good friend, I agreed to help the No 7 girls from Drakes out with their blogger event this evening but after the stressful and busy shift I’d had in my own store, it was actually nice to be doing something where I wasn’t in charge or expected to make decisions that impact on a load of other people. I just got to sit down with people and talk about make up for two hours. Plus I got my long overdue catch up with Cloé over a drink, where I did do a little too much crying when you consider how well lit the room was, but my mascara did not budge (Thank you No 7. No they have not sponsored me to say that.)


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