Hypochondriacs Anonymous. 

18 Nov

It’s been a productive and mildly dramatic day, dear reader. 

I woke up convinced that I had concussion after some horseplay/monkeying around/larking about/any other animal doing a thing yesterday afternoon ended with my head colliding with a wall quite hard and then  having a little cry about it. Getting out of bed feeling sick and with a headache that would not quit this morning weren’t the most ideal of signs, but I powered on through like the grown woman I am, just hoping that my brain isn’t now attempting to escape through my skull. 

Then it was into work to start looking seriously at the Pharmacy Advisor course I need to pass within the next 6 or so months. This first bit is mostly a lot of legal based paperwork and form filling in. It’s not the most exciting stuff, but this grounding is necessary to let me get to said exciting stuff. 

After work I had to make a choice about going to the Cumberland Centre to get my noggin checked out and my hypochondriac tendencies seen to, or going to the gym and actually do the workout I’ve been planning since last Tuesday. I, of course, ended up at the Gym, because I know that the good work I’ve done there recently can so easily be undone by not bothering to do a couple of sessions. Plus I’ve lost another three pounds, so I’m actually seeing and feeling results (though that may be down to a lack of appetite these days as opposed to me shedding weight though making my “fat cry” on a rowing machine. I cannot tell you how much I loathe that phrase.) and would very much like that to continue. 

Once I got home from the gym, I had an exceptionally productive meeting for the new, revamped Prick Up Your Ears podcast. You thought it had died a slow and inevitable death on its first birthday.  You were wrong. We’re taking it in a slightly different direction this year, and I’m quite excited to see how we get on. 


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