Nap God.

14 Nov

So after yesterday’s fancy dress based frivolity, it was back to work in my normal uniform, and back to being sensible, without feeling the need to swan regally around the shop floor. That was pretty good considering how much we had to get done today. 

And by Jove, we got it done, meaning that once tomorrow’s done, the pharmacy is going to be ahead of itself for a few days, rather than stuck doing things from four days ago that I had a niggling feeling about needing to get done. 

All that work and brain usage (because addressing envelopes by hand is tricky when you haven’t done it for a good few years, thank you very much) completely wore me out, and the horrendous weather didn’t help either, so once I’d got home, and shouted at Catchphrase whilst having dinner, I took myself to bed for a “nap” which lasted all of three hours. Whoops. It was totally worth it, mind.


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