If This Was Audio, Only Bats Would Hear It.

9 Nov

I’m so excited for tomorrow that I might not get any sleep. 

…I say this now, but I’m a 24 year old with a stress inducing full time job. I’ll be out like a light by 1am.

Honestly – it’s like Christmas Eve for a 6 year old going up all in my head, and it’s not even really my news that I’m excited about. 

Here’s the lowdown. 

I now have two full days off from work. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a week as our schedules are terrible. He gets the keys to his new flat tomorrow. I haven’t stopped grinning since about 8:15.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the world throws us a bone. 

(Oh god, that’s possibly the worst phrase to have used, but it’s staying in, because y’know – hilarious.)

Thankfully I’ve got a planned gym workout first thing where I can lose most of my overexcited energy before I end up tackling him to the ground after an over enthusiastic hug.


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