Tricks and Treats.

31 Oct

Today was a much less horrendous day. For a start I didn’t come home after work and bawl my eyes out, so that’s a 100% tear improvement on yesterday.

I had, dare I say, a fun day at work, except for right at the end where as we were closing up the store, as the entire bottom half of town absolutely stank of rotting fish. I’ve no idea what the hell happened, all I do know is that I had to absolutely douse myself in perfume to be able to lock the doors without being violently sick.

But now I’m tucked up in bed, listening to people a few roads over having a party, whilst looking over all the photos that people are posting to various social media sites of them in their costumes, looking really bloody excellent (no pun intended). At this rate, I’m going to be the only person at the gym tomorrow who isn’t working off a hangover, or still covered in streaks of face paint from the night before. And I’m okay with that. 


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