Bicycle Race. 🚲

27 Oct

Well, the weather tried its best, but even it couldn’t put a dampener on what was, by all intents and purposes, a good day.

I got to spend the best part of it (literally and figuratively) with a chap that I am constantly thrilled to be able to call my boyfriend.

Then when he had to go and do some important life sorting things, I went and took myself to the gym. For the second time in a week. Which is unheard of in my life up until now. 

I have gone from “lazy slob” to “girl who happily cycles 11.5k in the gym alongside several other things, then comes home and has chicken, halloumi and avocado for dinner”. I mean seriously. It would seem that as I’m soon to enter my 25th year of life, I am womaning up and taking control of the things that I actually can. 

Full time, grown up job. Check. 

Actual real life relationship, with someone who is genuinely brilliant? Check.

Getting my health and fitness on track? Check.

Now, if someone could either organise for me to get a massive windfall, or just pay outright for me to get a flat of my own, that would be perfect. 


So...what do you think?

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