Weigh It Out. 

20 Oct

Today will be remembered as a good day.

…even if it did start three hours earlier than I anticipated, thanks to another store alarm call out. At 5:45am. On my day off. I honestly nearly cried. It was fine though, and I was home and back in bed by 6:30am, fast asleep. 

Then I got to spend the rest of my day with my absolute diamond of a chap – we watched Sicario, which stressed me out far too much (there was a guy asleep three seats along from is on our row, whose snores were very off-putting) but was still a really brilliant film. 

Then it was off to visit his flat, or rather, look at his flat from the outside, and my, what an outside of a flat it is. 

Afterwards we popped into The Big Sleep in order to take some measurements for under bed storage for the aforementioned flat, and try out the mattress his parents bought him. It was honestly like resting on a cloud. Sheer bliss. 

Finally, it was our classic combo of Nandos and drinks in the pub, which was just ideal. 

I am an exceptionally lucky girl, and that won’t be forgotten or taken for granted. 



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