More Dido Than Eminem.

17 Oct

Considering that today was Tone Radio’s alumni day, and I wasn’t able to be there, I spent a little time tonight discussing and reminiscing about Hippety Hoppity Corner, which, as you all no doubt remember, was a longstanding feature on our second year radio show ‘Attorneys of Awesome’. It was never quite as popular as This Is My Jam, because everyone loves hearing three students eating food live on air, but listening to a very white and slightly middle class girl read hardcore rap lyrics to the sound of English Country Garden comes in a very close second.

I think that Hippety Hoppity Corner might make a return at some point, as I’ve had a request for a particular track which I think is a challenge even for me. But then again, I did spend five minutes trying to convince Andy that I was basically Eminem because I had once eaten my mother’s spaghetti, but it didn’t hold much weight when we realised that I had spent more time sat with cold tea, wondering why I’d gotten out of bed at all.

I waved a white flag at that point.


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