Decision Time.

16 Oct

I’m not taking the flat.

It breaks my heart a little to say that, but right now, the time isn’t right for me to be moving out. I will forever dream of orange doors, but I figured that this way I can save up some money (bar what I’m spending on Christmas presents, because I am a very generous soul) and get somewhere really nice, and close to work, and also afford the driving lessons I’ve been promising myself for the last 7 years.

It’s one of the most tricky decisions I’ve made, but I don’t regret it, at least not yet. The way I see it, I would rather live at home for another 6 months (please, no longer than that though) than move out and find myself unable to afford to do anything other than sit in my cold flat eating value baked beans out of a tin because my funds have run dry and I can’t afford to pay my electricity bill.

See? Sensible and grown up.

What was less grown up however, was the noise I made when I was walking back from the Boots in Drakes Circus today to “my” Boots, and a seagull decided to fly directly in front of me, hovering by my face and genuinely eyeballing me. It was TERRIFYING. And the little “oooh!” that escaped my lips was audible to every single person on the street walking past me.

Not sensible, and not grown up.

Guess I’ve got the balance sorted though.


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