The Kissing Disease.

11 Oct

No. I don’t have mumps. Don’t you worry yourselves about that.

What I do have is a boyfriend who has a couple of very important weeks coming up, and a cold that just will not quit. Therefore, we decided that it was probably best that we just stuck to holding hands and hugging lots when we saw each other earlier.

It’s really very frustrating. You don’t know how often you actually want to kiss somebody before you know that you can’t.

He even went in to do the whole romantic tilted swooping head kiss whilst we were sat waiting for my bus home before I politely reminded him that it wasn’t a good idea.

I am still necking tablets in order to shift all this phlegm (it’s lucky that I have a boyfriend, else this would be doing me no favours) from my chest, but now it’s less about feeling better and much more about being able to show affection to the chap I love in the way I actually want to.

(Also, we went and saw Pan, because I needed to come up with an activity that required little to no talking for as long as possible. It was not a good film. Visually, it was beautiful, but overall it was utterly forgettable and very disappointing. Film review. Done.)

(Also, also, thank you to anyone that showed concern after yesterday’s blog. I’m honestly fine, it had just been a bit of a difficult week.)


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