We’re Having A Bawl.

10 Oct

After a very long, and very exhausting week, where I’ve been physically and mentally “not okay”, everything sort of came to a head this evening.

I spend two hours sat in a rapidly cooling, but very, very glittery bath watching About Time on Netflix just crying my eyes out. Bear in mind I had originally suggested this film to watch with my chap last time we were together, but mooted it in favour of Monster’s University. Wise choice, past us. Wise choice indeed. 

Goodness knows I felt a lot better afterwards (except when I had to spend 10 minutes scrubbing glitter off the sides of the tub – that kind of ruined the relaxation somewhat). They weren’t even sad tears. They were tears of just sheer relief that things can’t get worse than these past few days, and that I have a really good emotional support network to lean on when I need them.

So blue and sparkly. It was genuinely like taking a bath in a clear night sky.


It is impossible to make a quick escape from a Lush bath, or use someone else’s bath bomb without them realising.

A bath that smells like peppermint is really good when you’ve been feeling like death warmed up since Tuesday, trust me. 

So once I was out of the bathroom, with mascara streaked down my face and eyes puffy from Richard Curtis induced feelings, I thoughI would just do some general internet browsing to settle my emotions back down a bit. 

Which is when I found this video:



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