Another Day, Another Destiny.

9 Oct

One more day and then I get my Sunday off, and I cannot wait. It’s tricky enough making that transition from night owl to early bird, without having a heavy, cold filled head that you have to drag off the pillow into the shower.

I’m having a lie in (which for me consists of waking up at 9am as opposed to 5:30am) and then am off into town to celebrate the exceptionally good news that my chap has had this week. I’m very proud, but woe betide I gush about it and sicken everyone.

At least I’m now very much on the mend, and don’t want to rip my own lungs out every time I breathe in a bit too deeply. That’s definite progress, and I imagine I’ll be back to my cartwheeling self within a few days. (It’s amazing what kind of sabotage my body will stoop to when it knows I’m paying for a gym membership and haven’t gone yet.)


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