Let’s Talk About It.

5 Oct

If I thought that I was “glum glum” yesterday, then I really wasn’t prepared for the day I had today.

There’s nothing quite like having to disappear off the shop floor every couple of hours to go and have a cry. Not even for any particular reason. Just…feeling very sad.

The main thing is, talking about it, and having a sleep after work seems to have shaken the worst of it, so hopefully these last two days have been a tiny blip in the overall emotional roller coaster of life. 

If you hadn’t realised, I’m being a lot more open about how I feel as I know it’s not healthy to keep that stuff bottled up. I’m very lucky to have people who are intent on looking out for me, and check that I’m doing okay. I know there are a lot of people in a similar situation that don’t have that much support, but thankfully there are organisations like Mind who will help you out when you need them the most. 


So...what do you think?

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